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When you have items that can’t easily go out to the curb or in the recycling bin,
Waste Management is here to help. Think Green® with
Waste Management.
From big to small, refrigerators to syringes, Waste Management has the expertise and ability to handle it responsibly for you. We follow the same strict environmental standards as the federal government, so you can rest easy knowing your unwanted items will be professionally disposed of.
How to Dispose of Construction Waste
It’s easy to get rid of construction material when you trust Waste Management with your construction recycling and disposal. For every part of your construction project, WM will collect and dispose of your unused construction materials in an environmentally safe way, and we’ll recycle every piece we can.
Hazardous Waste Disposal
These items include paints, pesticides, electronics, household cleaners, motor oil, batteries, gasoline and more. The At Your Door Special Collection program can easily collect these items at your home.
Bulk Trash Pickup
Wondering how to throw away refrigerators, scrap wood, or some of those larger, more unwieldy items that just come with maintaining a home? We’ll take your household items—like microwaves, refrigerators, scrap wood, engine parts, and more—and refurbish and recycle as much as possible.
Medical Waste Disposal and Syringe Collection
Disposing of medical waste properly is a huge concern for all communities, large and small. For simple, convenient products to help you safely dispose of used syringes and lancets, trust WM.
Recycle by Mail
Battery and lightbulb recycling can seem complicated on the surface. Our Recycle-By-Mail program provides simple, safe ways to recycle: